Hacking Exposed Wireless

Bonus Chapters

Our editors said we needed to fit the book into 500 pages. We overshot that number by a lot, so we convinced them to let us give away a bunch of chapters online. Sweet!

The chapters linked below are freebies included to accompany the chapters you get in the book including Scanning 802.11, Attacking 802.11 and WPA/WPA2, Exploiting Clients, Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy Hacks, Bluetooth Eavesdropping, Software-Defined Radios, Hacking Cellular Networks, Hacking ZigBee, and Hacking Z-Wave Smart Homes.

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Intro to 802.11

A fairly deep introduction to 802.11. How does fragmentation and aggregation work? How do EAP and RADIUS interact? Why are WPA2 packet numbers important? All covered here.

Radio Frequency

You know that black magic that makes bits fly across the air (or light)? We've got it covered. Important to understand this stuff before you tackle software defined radio.

DECT Hacking

That cordless phone you use in the data center, and the home phone you keep around just so your kids can call 911 (999)? It runs DECT. Don't say anything sensitive.

Bluetooth Basics

Bluetooth is weird. FHSS? Device discovery? MAC addresses as a security control? All covered here.

Bridging the Airgap: OS X

Want to use a Mac to attack remote Wi-Fi networks? Do you know about the airport utility? SO MUCH POWER!